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Yes Go Shop updated the App Store version

China Sourcing On The Go

Consolidate parcel that you purchase from China and send your parcels to Singapore or Malaysia

Yes GoShop mobile application, providing you with a smoother service experience

Yes GoShop provides exclusive 0 service fees and high-quality purchasing experience/international shipping (air/sea)/after-sales one-stop service

Download Yes GoShop now, you can also easily buy your favorite Chinese products

Enjoy the border purchasing and international consolidation services provided by Yes GoShop

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Yes Go Shop updated the App Store version!!

China Sourcing On The Go
Consolidate parcel that you purchase from China and send your parcels to Singapore or Malaysia

The most professional Chinese purchasing and international shipping - Yes GoShop for AppStore friends !!

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ShenZhen XinMa International Freight Forwarder co.,Ltd
Co-development of its Yes GoShop ( is the new Malaysian purchasing Chinese goods company,
And provide exclusive 0 service costs and high-quality purchasing experience / international shipping (air / sea) / after-sales one-stop service.
Now download YES purchasing APP, you can easily buy your favorite Chinese goods, enjoy YES provided by the border purchasing and shipping services!

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Shopping platform: a variety of electricity business platform a variety of ways to purchase Amoy goods, service fee 0 CNY
International Cargo: West Malaysia the fastest 3 days delivery day delivery, providing 30 days long free storage
Order management: to understand the progress of orders, parcel real-time query, all in control!
Payment: RM / SGD / CNY A variety of online payment options, Malaysia FPX online banking 18 online bank / Alipay / Wechat / eNETS / senangPay

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Hotline: 603-60573628
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