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SenangPay Tutorial

SenangPay online payment platform, supports multiple payment methods such as FPX, credit card, BOOST and TNG E-WALLET

Each remittance is subject to a minimum service charge of RM0.65 or 1.5% of the top-up amount

SenangPay has 2 payment methods

When submitting an order, pay directly or recharge the YES account before consumption

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senangPay :Introduction and Tutorial


Our company has cooperated with SenangPAY payment platform,

You can use FPX online remittance, credit card, Boost and TNG E-Wallet payment on this platform.

Each remittance is subject to a minimum service charge of RM0.65 or 1.5% of the top-up amount.

There Are Two Main Types Of senangPay Payment Methods:

The first type is in the YES shopping cart to submit Buy For Me payment and Ship For Me payment (the following uses the YES shopping cart as a demonstration):

1. Confirm the product information in the YES shopping cart, you can directly convert the amount of MYR according to the exchange rate of the day, and then click 【Place Order】

YES 代购 EN 4.png

2. Select the senangPay payment method,  click 【Go Payment】


3. The SenangPay platform payment page will appear, check the price, information and need to select the payment method

There are 3 payment methods to choose from:

  Online Transfer

  Credit Card


senang pay.png

4.After Confirm,Click 【Payment】.

The second way is to recharge the YES account in advance, and then consume it on the Ship For Me and Buy For Me order.

1. Click 【Instant Topup】 in 【My Wallet】or 【Other Payment Methods】 in Quick Instant Topup

支付 EN.png

2. Manually enter the recharge amount, select 【senangPay】, and then click 【Go Payment】and the next process is the same as the first method above.


  **Teaching is over END**

If you have any questions during the operation, please contact our FB customer service