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FPX (Paynet) Online

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution in Malaysia

FPX services are available to all businesses offering products or services over the Internet

FPX platform supports nearly 20 banking channels

Such as: CIMB Clicks / Hong Leong Bank / HSBC Bank / Maybank2U / Public Bank, etc.

FPX supports 2 payment methods

FPX instant transfer and FPX credit card payment

FPX charges a handling fee

Instant recharge method has a one-time charge of RM 1.00 for each transaction; credit card method has a charge of each transaction amount x 0.5% + MYR 1.50

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FPX (Paynet) Online

FPX Payment Method

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution in Malaysia that enables real-time debiting of customer online bank accounts of multiple banks. It also allows banks to immediately credit merchant accounts directly.

FPX services are available to all businesses offering products or services over the Internet

The FPX Platform Supports Nearly 20 Banking Channels:

List of banks:Affin Bank / Alliance Bank / AmBank / Bank Islam / Bank Rakyat / Bank Muamalat / BSN / CIMB Clicks / Hong Leong Bank / HSBC Bank / KFH / Maybank2U / Maybank2E / OCBC Bank / Public Bank / RHB Bank / Standard Chartered / UOB Bank

FPX Supports 2 Payment Methods:

1. FPX Instant Transfer

FPX instant transfer is to allow users to use online banking to transfer money to our bank immediately through the FPX online payment platform. FPX online payment platform is a secure transaction platform managed by PayNet and supported by all local banks. After the online transfer is approved, there is no need for manual review. Our website will directly pass the user's transfer and update the balance.

2. FPX Credit Card Payment

FPX credit card payment means that you have applied for a credit card at a local bank, select FPX's Local Credit Card Account to log in to your bank account and then select Credit Card Account to make payment.

Why Choose To Use FPX?

The biggest advantage of using FPX to enter online banking is that users no longer need to wait in line at the bank counter/ATM/Cash Deoposit for remittance. You can pay directly through the Internet from your comfort home, and it is instant credit and recharge and no need to submit on the website for the remittance information.

Does FPX Charge A Handling Fee?

FPX instant top-up payment methods is include FPX technology and bank fees One-time RM 1.00 per transaction

FPX credit card payment methods are charged FPX technology and bank fees per transaction amount x 0.5% + MYR 1.50

There Are Two Main Types Of FPX Payment Methods:

The first type is in the YES shopping cart to submit Buy For Me payment and Ship For Me payment (the following uses the YES shopping cart as a demonstration):

1. Confirm the product information in the YES shopping cart, you can directly convert the amount of MYR according to the exchange rate of the day, and then click 【Place Order】

YES 代购 EN 4.png

2. Select the FPX payment method, then select your online banking name , click 【Go Payment】

FPX EN 1.png

3. The page where you choose the payment bank will appear, enter your online banking account number and login password, check the amount, etc.

 After the transaction is completed, Success will be displayed, and then you can view your YES order.

The second way is to recharge the YES account in advance, and then consume it on the Ship For Me and Buy For Me order.

1. Click 【Instant Topup】in 【My Wallet】 or Other Payment Methods in Quick Instant Top Up

支付 EN.png

2. Manually enter the recharge amount, select 【FPX】, and then select the name of your online bank, and the required MYR will be automatically converted.

The next step is to click 【Go Payment】 and the next process is the same as the first method above.

FPX EN 2.png


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