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How To Use 1688 Purchasing Service?

Using our 1688 purchasing agent service can help you with one-stop service

If there is a problem with the product, we will directly help you communicate with the seller, etc.

Users can go to our YES website to register an account and submit a purchasing order

Add the product to the shopping cart and submit the order and pay the fee, we will purchase your product for you

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How To Use 1688 Purchasing Service?

What is the 1688 Payment Agent Service

1688 Payment Agent is a service where users add products to their shopping cart on 1688, and then inform the company offering the Payment Agent service to pay the seller on behalf of the user.

However, if there are any issues with the product, the user needs to contact the seller themselves to resolve any pricing or other issues.There is a better way to avoid such situations.

Using our 1688 BUY FOR ME service, we can provide you with one-stop service, such as helping you communicate with the seller if there are any issues with the product.Using our BUY FOR ME Service is your best choice.

What is 1688 BUY FOR ME Service?

You can place an order directly on our platform, and our team will help you communicate with the seller on 1688 website to place the order.

Using our BUY FOR ME service is easier and more convenient than doing it yourself!

Free service fee, Fast Purchasing, one-stop service.

How to use 1688 BUY FOR ME Service?

Simply follow our tutorial to place an order easily and conveniently.

Desktop PC Version

1.Register on our YES website

Go to the YES website and click on "Sign Up" at the top.

YES注册 EN 1.png

2.Fill in Personal Information

Fill in the necessary personal information according to the form.

After filling in the information, click "Sign Up".

YES 注册 EN 2.png

3.Buy For Me

After registering an account, click "Buy For Me", paste the product link you need to purchase, and click "Search".

YES 代购 EN 1.png

4.Add to Cart

Search for the product link, select the desired style/size, and click "Add to Cart". After adding to the cart, you can click "Cart" to view.

YES 代购 EN 2.png

5.Submit the order

After entering the shopping cart, you can select the desired product and click "Check Out",and then click"Place Order".

After submission, it will be displayed in the "BUY FOR ME List".

YES 代购 EN 3.png

YES 代购 EN 4.png