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Personal Cloud Warehouse Introduction

YES personal Cloud Warehouse is carefully crafted for overseas Chinese and internet-based management of domestic free warehouse, to solve the overseas Chinese net purchases of domestic products and personal items stored inconvenient troubles, relying on its strong international courier business, YES modern personal Cloud Warehouse service for you provide warehousing, sorting and distribution-stop supply chain, better enjoy CITYLINK, SKYNET, Fedex, EMS and other international express shipping ultra-low 3-5%.

What do personal Cloud Warehouse?

  • YES个人云仓库

    Our Cloud Warehouse (a)

  • YES个人云仓库

    Our Cloud Warehouse (b)

Why use personal Cloud Warehouse

  • Free

    Use personal Cloud Warehouse completely free, unlimited storage space, help you avoid all kinds of complicated domestic service fee online shopping is more time.

  • Safety

    Top international courier(Gdex 、CITYLINK、SKYNET、DHL Wait)Package safely and quickly delivered to your home.,

  • Close

    Provides 7 X 16-hour online customer service, there is no difference communicate more smoothly!

  • Save money

    Many shopping parcels concentrated send and save on shipping, international courier service with YES 20-50% Discount more to enjoy ultra-low freight.

Personal Cloud Warehouse flowchart

Personal Cloud Warehouse flowchart

I want to use Cloud Warehouse, wrap how storage

  • 1

    Sign up for exclusive personal Cloud Warehouse address, the use of personal Cloud Warehouse address to send parcels to YES;

    NOTE: exclusive personal Cloud Warehouse address is an important basis for identity authentication package, please fill out!
  • 2

    YES forecasts on storage (optional);

    Forecast storage can ensure the parcel by their true thoughts of storage, as well as detailed product information and enjoy express logistics tracking!

  • 3

    YES apply for a pick (parcel pickup fee to contact customer service), and then put in storage.

Add Parcel

Parcel Name:
Parcel number:

Please useYES China AddressSend the parcel to YES!

Warehouse address and express parcel number is judged on the basis of ownership

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