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}China to the United States, from China to Canada, China to Australia, provide EMS, FeDex, CITYLINK, SKYNET postal packets, etc. 20-50% cheapest international express

Why YES International Courier?

YES YES network of international courier services are designed for overseas Chinese and domestic multinational courier who need to build carefully, focusing on solving the customers own International Express faced various practical problems, such as: courier expensive, far away in overseas inconvenient, the service is not thoughtful, hard-to-door pickup and the like. Increasingly broad international network YES, to provide customers with the best price, the fastest, the best service of international courier services.

  • Cooperation top four express delivery, freight prices as low as 20-50% discount

    You are in overseas, when you want to buy domestic goods or domestic family want you to send international express, is not always being stumped high freight? YES international courier, it is this need to solve your transportation should be born by YES, you will enjoy the EMS, FeDex, CITYLINK, SKYNET, FedEx up 3-5 off the price, international courier no longer high prices.

  • Domestic pick-up, home delivery abroad, door-to-door service.

    YES with the countrys top logistics enterprises, provide on-site pickup service overseas by EMS, FeDex, CITYLINK, SKYNET other top international express delivery to your home provider, allowing you to use the low-modest price, you can enjoy fast aviation parts, all process safety and reliability.

  • Cooperation top four express delivery, freight prices as low as 20-50% discount

    Provides 7 X 16-hour online customer service, eliminating the need for global time difference of trouble, express respond to your every command, in real time for you to answer all questions.

  • Online tracking logistics status

    International courier your submission, YES will help you implement tracking, you only need to log into your Member Center, you can view your parcel dynamic, save your query parcel troubles.

How we charge

We will only charge your international courier fee,All other additional costs are no longer charged,Try under the following calculator to calculate your shipping it

Why do we offer so cheap shipping?

YES, as the countrys top logistics agency, with its powerful influence, the internationally renowned logistics providers (such as: postal EMS, DHL, UPS, etc.) are willing to maintain long-term stable cooperation with YES, and YES offer the lowest price for the shipping, user YES platform by sending official international courier can enjoy the original price of 20-50% Discount.

International courier flowchart

Warehouse storage use cloud after sending

YES I want to use the international express delivery, how parcels sent to YES?

  • 1

    Use personal Cloud Warehouse address to send parcels to YES, fill in the correct delivery information

    View my personal Cloud Warehouse addressPersonal Cloud Warehouse addresses and courier parcel numbers are judged on the basis of ownership
  • 2

    YES apply for a pick (parcel pickup fee to contact customer service)

Forecast parcel deposited Cloud Warehouse

Implement a nationwide low-cost international courier hair!

Parcel Name:
Parcel number:

Please usePersonal Cloud Warehouse AddressCooperation top four express delivery, freight prices as low as 20-50% discountSend the parcel to YES!

Cloud Warehouse address and courier parcel number is judged on the basis of ownership

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