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1. Claim > Compensate, only take 2-5 working days.

2. Full risk control , customers are protected from economic losses.

3. Insurence fee only 3% rate of product insured value.

4. Max compensation of products + international shipping fee = CNY5000

(CNY5000 above of Insurance demand, can be insure Pacific Insurance-CPIC, contact our FB Chat for details)


a) Valid countries Singapore and Malaysia (East/West Malaysia)

b) Valid for all Air Freight/Sea Shipment method.

c) c) Accept insure item of daily necessities, electronic accessories, etc.,BUT for PRODUCT that are flammable, explosive, fragile, animals,plants, oils, etc., which are prohibited from exporting or restricted in export, are considered as not in Coverage of this agreement.


Rate: Insurance fee is 3% of the insured value, and the insured value is based on the customer's declaration (which is insured value that the customer fills in the system)

The insured value cannot exceed the actual value of the parcel, and the maximum amount of insurance is CNY5000/ShipForMe order.


For goods that do not purchase insurance, YES also provides a free guarantee for the compensation limit of CNY300/ShipForMe order.

Example: If a parcel is unfortunately lost, the amount of compensation won in different situations is different.


a) Contact YES Customer Service

Please contact our FB Chat if you have confirmed that you have not received the goods or received the goods with loss/short of goods.

Claims need to submit the following information (indispensable):

1. Customer Sign ▶ Must indicate the no qty you receive, such as entrusting the transportation of 10 boxes, the actual receipt only 9 boxes, Then must indicate the receipt you got 9 boxes only, before sign/let delivery man go back.

2.2. Photo of the parcel ▶ If the boxes quantity is correct but outside packaging is damaged, Must take few photo before open it.

3. Packing list and commercial invoice (For those only use ShipForMe service client)

b) min 2 pictures of the outside package of the goods + 2 pieces of the weight of the total weighed with packaging (proof less goods)

c) Provide relevant information we require

d) review and feedback preliminary results

All document is complete, YES will complete the initial review within 2 working days.

e) Insurance company audit information

Insurance company audits information and confirms compensation

f) Determine compensation and make a payment to client account

The compensation amount will be credited to the client YES account within 5 working days after the compensation is confirmed.

Information to be provided: proof of the value of the goods (invoice / Taobao payment screenshot / Alipay payment screenshot).

claims: The international remedy's claim statute is 14 days from the date of shipment.

g) The compensation limit is 150% of the amount of the products,CNY5000 is maximum

(CNY5000 above of Insurance demand, can be insure Pacific Insurance-CPIC, contact our FB Chat for details)


1. Loss caused by the intentional act or negligence of the insured; the insured goods caused by unqualified packaging are damaged by scratches, bumps or chipping.

2. Losses caused by poor quality or short-term differences before the insurance parcel before the insurance liability begins.

3. The natural loss, oxidation, rust damage, mildew, deterioration, rust, fading, mechanical, electrical and electrical failure of the insured postal packet, and any loss due to temperature and humidity changes, essential defects, characteristics, market price, war, etc. The damage caused.

4. Losses or expenses caused by delays in transportation caused by strikes during transportation, customs inspections, etc., risks of confiscation and rejection, indirect and risk of loss of profits, and any loss caused by liability risks.

55. Depreciation caused by market factors, any loss caused by the natural nature of the goods

6. Fragile products such as ceramic glass products, LCD screens, etc. Animals and plants, sea cargo, fresh goods, blood products, perishable items,

Any loss of goods that need to be refrigerated. Any loss from the repair, return or use of used or used equipment.

7. Any loss of goods that occurs when the outer packaging is in good condition or after the consignee has completed the receipt. Weapons and ammunition, satellites, artifacts, cash,

Any loss of items such as cheques, notes, documents, securities, letters of credit, passports, art, gold and silver, jewellery, jewellery,diamonds, jade, marble, antiques, etc.

8. Any loss of precision goods in China without repair or loss of technical capabilities

9. If the buyer does not receive the goods due to customs clearance, and has not exceeded the time limit for the delivery of the goods for refund operation or application for compensation, such as imitation cards, contraband, etc. and non-compliance with the insurance agreement, the claim cannot be accepted.

We reserves the right for any explain

Subject to change without notice

Update On:2018-02-28

This English version is for your kind reference only.

Please refer to our Chinese version as final standard



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