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According to the amount of restrictions imposed by the customs of each country on the minimum tax-free declaration amount for parcel customs clearance, YES International Express experts will remind you that the parcels carried by YES company should be controlled within the tax exemption amount in order to avoid being checked at the customs clearance of the destination customs. This will greatly reduce the probability of parcels being taxed and avoid the associated costs incurred.

However, customs in various countries also have different fines for false reports on value declarations. The larger the air parcel (above 20KG), the higher the probability of being checked.

YES company is only responsible for customs clearance of customs at the time of customs clearance, and the relevant procedures and handling of YES at the destination customs are only responsible for assisting in handling.

Malaysia Airfreight Customs Tax is a benchmark of MYR 500, which means that the parcel value is over RM500, and the tax will be levied within 500 MYR.

As long as you control the parcel declaration value below 500 MYR = 90 US dollars, the probability of taxation is minimal.If you have air freight with hight value and 40kg above, you can avoid unnecessary troubles by recommending INCLUDE TAX method.

Singapore is a good proof. Singapore GST is 7%. However, since our transportation, Singapore’s air transportation tax rate is only 3%. The premise is that everyone should control the weight of the air parcel within 20kg and the parcel value within 250 US dollars.

In the case of Singapore Sea Shipment, no matter how much you declare, you need to pay 7% GST according to the declared value. Before the delivery, the local delivery company will contact the recipient to pay the customs duty.

The above data is for reference only! For more details, please check the local customs policy!



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