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Difference of Sensitive or Normal goods

Sensitive goods

all liquids/powders, automobile engines, sex products, medicines, cosmetics, food, computers, chemical products, mobile phone batteries, construction steel/steel and steel raw materials, CD discs, nutrition/health care Products, imitation brand products, ceramic tiles, tires, game consoles, air conditioners / refrigerators

**General includes:
liquid, powder, battery, magnet, food, branded goods (Gucci/Nike/PlayBoy/Coach/Vans/Charles Keith... etc.)

Not allow goods

Compressed gas spray (such as hair spray), car (whole), car battery (with liquid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.), car engine, tobacco and alcohol, fireworks, explosives, flammable products, lighters, gold and silver Jewelry, as well as all goods prohibited or imported by the Malaysian and Singapore Customs

Special clearance Goods

mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer, tablet computer, requiring early notice and additional customs clearance fees,please contact FB Chat for details

In addition to the above goods, the other are NORMAL goods. Sensitive goods are not fully listed. If you are uncertain, please contact FB Chat to confirm.

Reminder: Sensitive item ship by Normal method will lead to custom return/penalty charge/Confiscation and need to re-pay sensitive method fees to resend, please choose carefully!



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